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  • A private and secure online service that makes our services more convenient for you
  • With NetClient you can get accounting and financial information and services via our website—any time, from anywhere.
  • NetClient lets you access our services directly from our web site—using a secure, private portal that’s especially for you.
  • If you’ve ever checked your personal investment or banking information online, then you’ve accessed a portal.
  • Convenient—Access your information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from your home, your bank, your office…anywhere!
  • Secure—Enter your own password-protected portal where only you (and we, of course) have access to your files.
  • Fast—Within moments you can access files and software, enter data, and more!
  • Here are some of the convenient, easy-to-use, online services that can be available with your NetClient portal:
• Document Presentation
• File Exchange
• Client Bookkeeping Solution/ASP
• Remote Payroll Data Entry
• Remote Payroll Check Printing
• Account Aggregation
• 1040 Tax Organizer
• Stock Quotes
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